Advice, manufacturing, distribution and management

We are dedicated to the export and management of medical products, machinery, working utensils and vitamin supplements. We include consulting and management until the manufacture process, distribution of products and services related to our customers.

This broad field of activities allows us to transfer innovation from one sector to another, modernize the tasks related to maintenance, research and development of scientific, medical and technological advances, being on the leading edge in ophthalmology care.

Our quality control system is broad and covers all phases, from production and marketing to distribution. Our products meet the European sanitary and food regulations, as well as sanitary and food standards of every country of distribution.

Our products are designed and manufactured respecting the Arab culture. In that way they contain no fats, gelatins or animal derivatives. We always use the vegetable raw materials and collaborate with halal raw material suppliers.

Our scientific and professional teams never stop investigating, in order to offer the best services and products to our clients worldwide.
Our company consists of the qualified and skilled advisers and recognized specialists in ocular health care.

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Eyegum / Vitamins

Eyegum is the first gum which provides eye and vision care. An innovative product which contains vitamins A, C and E and major active components which improve eye tissues nutrition.

It was developed under the direction and scientific supervision of Foundation of Jorge Alio for the Prevention of Blindness.
An innovative product which has been developed to deliver extra contribution of vitamins and essential active components for vision. It is the first bubble gum in the world which can improve eye tissues nutrition, providing the minimum dose, recommended by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), to complement vision care, based on the increase of the antioxidant capacity of the peripheral blood. Chewing the gum once a day for five or ten minutes is enough to have its composition absorbed sublingually.

This food supplement is used to improve the patient’s vitamin deficiencies.

More information in this PDF.

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The pigments bear the CE marking and are designed specifically for commercial use. They are micronized minerals and their lack of toxicity and immune reactivity have been proven in the experimental animal model, as well as in clinic patients treatments for 10 years.

This healthcare product is used for ocular reconstruction and / or for eye colour change.


Neige Snow, Ebéne Ebony, Anthracite Anthracite, Cyclone Cyclone, Lavande Lavender, Café Coffee, Noyer Walnut, Vison Mink, Chocolat, Noisette Hazelnut, Caramel Caramel, Miel Honey, Avocat Avocado, Pistache Pistachio nut, Amazone Amazon, Menthe Mint, Vert d’Eau, Lagon Lagoon, Sauge Sage, Ocean Ocean

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We have agreements with the leading universities and professionals in surgical techniques to generate information in order to train doctors and health professionals in innovative techniques and products that would commercialize our company.

We remain at your disposition, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mails provided.
We will attend you without any commitment.

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